Consider the word Geometry; from the Greek meaning "earth measure," or the measurement of things of the earth. Geo means earth, and metry is measure. The earth is spherical. The sphere is the only form we know to be inherently Whole. Measure is about movement. So we find the word geometry comprehensively means Wholemovement.

Wholemovement is self-referencing; the movement of the Whole to itself. Wholemovement is an inclusive concept. It gives description to the process of folding circles.

The context giving this word-shift importance is how language continually changes to keep up with human experience. We have been off this planet measuring things on the moon. We are now measuring universes that 10 years ago we did not know even existed. While the geometry of patterns of movement and relationships do not appear to change, our experience and understanding of the forms of geometries and mechanical workings of our universe does change. Yet we have made the meaning static by continuing to define geometry as it was understood twenty-five hundred years ago. It is important to update words to reflect our experiential level of understanding; otherwise we disconnect, limiting what is fully available to us.