“I have had many opportunities to develop the children’s understanding of circles. Reading your book has helped me tremendously in understanding many of my former math courses.”  CGE

“Your work is beyond beautiful........it is all so amazing!!” ~ Adrienne

“Thanks! I love working with the circles.” ~ Vivian

“Wow!! who would have thought paper plates could be so interesting” ~ Helen Sabin

“I’m a High school teacher, and I’ve been using your book for class activities. I have to say, it’s wonderful.  I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s in there, and I’m hooked.”  “The kids loved it. Thank you for a great resource.” ~ Michael Reidy

The following are quotes from workshop for National Institute of Education in Sigapore, 2005:

“Very interesting and fun. Arouse interest in geometry. Strong ideas on teaching of polygons, 3D, etc”

 “Interesting ideas on folding circles into different geometrical shapes. Very captivating & enlightening.”

“The lecturer is proficient, a master in this field. He is clear in his explanations and the lessons are interesting.”

“ A lot of hands-on activities which are useful.”    “A lot of space for exploring.”

“I think the course is extremely useful. It would  be good if this particular workshop is extended to other schools.”

“The ideas are very original and not anything like we learn.”

“I think this is the best artist we ever had.”  ~ Margaret DeVito, Teacher, James Shields School

“My students seemed to have really enjoyed the residency. They were very eager to participate in all lessons. Students were excited about their finished products and was able to make connections to prior math lessons. Program was really valuable!”  ~ Ms. Jeimson  3rd grade teacher, Annie Keller School.
“I remain a stanch fan of Brad’s schemes, both as an intellectual exercise and a compelling study in the precision of mechanics and design. The artistry of the outcomes call for a deeper understanding of the structure of all the beauty we know.” ~ David MacWilliams,  teacher, Irma C. Ruiz School

“I highly recommend Bradford for teaching the order of geometric patterns, movement and constructive solid geometry to any group of students who are beginning to have an understanding of these rather important concepts and to see the beauty of spatial geometrical patterns and movements. In my opinion Brad is a genius when it comes to constructive solid geometry of spatial structures.” ~ Mo Shahinpoor, Regents Professor & Director CAD/CAM. CIM &  Robotics Laboratories, University of New Mexico.     
“Watching Bradford work with the participants, who were middle school teachers, I was impressed with his rapport with the group. He was in tune with their needs and had a good grasp of their levels of understanding.  With his guidance, the materials used, paper plates and bobby pins, easily transformed into a wide variety of geometric shapes. The participants seemed to thoroughly enjoy the learning experience.... I would not hesitate to hire him as an instructor.” ~ Julie Johnston, Ph.D., Program coordinator for the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Educational Outreach Program

“The Albuquerque Association of Gifted and Talented Students would like to thank you for your presentation of Paper Plate Geometry. The response from Parents and students has been terrific.” ~ Kay Scharadien, President, the Board of Albuquerque Association of Gifted and Talented Students.

"In all interactions with teachers and students, Brad has been an outstanding teacher. All comments and observations from teachers and students have been full of praise and admiration. He has a wonderful, sensitive presence appreciated by all of us at Navajo.” ~ Patricia A. Gilbreto, Principal, Navajo Elementary School

“All of us truly appreciated your workshops on Paper Plate Geometry.....You instinctively modeled a variety of learning activities that incorporated all learning styles and modalities. Hopefully we will do as well in our classrooms! Students in gifted programs throughout Albuquerque will benefit from your expertise. They will be excited to learn about mathematics using your unique approach. Thank you for enlightening us.” ~ Linda M. Taylor, Assistant Superintendent, Albuquerque Public Schools, Instructional Services and Support