WM72This book is an over view of folding and joining circles. It is step-by-step instructions to a process that has hundreds of possibilities for individual projects; designed as a guide for teachers, adults, and all ages of students. This book outlines a new and unique way to understand geometry through the dynamic process of folding paper circles, an activity new to paper folders. It is a principled way to introduce children to geometry revealing deeper levels of information. This book offers a new world of possibilities in geometric paper-folding and the art of geometric construction that can only come from folding the circle.

It covers three, four, and five diameters as the only possible options of symmetry in folding the circle and develops each symmetry to a high frequency folded triangular grid pattern, from which complex reconfigurations are formed. Each symmetry is covered separately with of the book about the 3-6 grid as proportionally fundamental to the 4-8 and 5-10.

Folding the circle is a process that builds on itself and can easily be broken down into specific projects, but is not presented in the usual “individual project style format,” it is too easy for that. If you can fold a circle in half you will be able to do this.

You can see more about this project on my blog or purchase the book online.