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Object of Mind

Folding circles is a mind activity that takes place in the hands. This keeps my hands busy and my mind occupied with curiosity. Discovery is a recognition through mind attentive to what the hands are doing.

My mind periodically goes back to folding open forms and my hands play with what is familiar, having been done before. This way my eyes can see what the mind has missed. Again I looked at the open octahedron and explored joining multiples in various combinations. I chose the vector equilibrium with an open center because it reflects the open center of the octahedron units.


                             One paper plate folded to form an open octahedron unit.



                           Four open octahedron joined in a triangle arrangement.



Four sets of triangles joined in a tetrahedron pattern form a vector equilibrium system. Bobby pins are used to hold it together. It is open through the center in four directions and forms sixteen secondary open spaces not directly connected to the center, and has concave rhomboids on the six square faces. The arrangement of four tetrahedra in the same orientation sharing a common point forms the vector equilibrium with a defined center. Traditionally the vector equilibrium is called the cube octahedron and understood to be a solid figure. This open forming of the vector equilibrium using octahedra catches my interest.


I had some ¼” plywood veneer triangles that were angled to form octahedra left from another project. It seemed an interesting idea to form the above model in wood to see what difference in materials might make. This would keep my hands busy and my mind on the look out. It took 96 triangles to form 16 octahedron in 4 triangle sets to reconstruction the vector equilibrium arrangement.


                      Plywood pieces glued in open octahedra then glued and tape together.


        05.dsc01690es        06.dsc01703es

The edges have been rounded and sanded. Wood dowels are added extending the triangle planes giving texture and visual interest.


The wood has been stained and the first round of painting applied.

   07.dsc01717s       08.dsc01724s


Finished painting with gold leaf accents.

  09.dsc01855es        14.dsc01880es


 10.dsc01842es      12.dsc01836es


 15.dsc01838es     21.dsc01841es








Following is a word-construction about processing the object with origin in the circle.


Cranium vector equilibrium with open center,

patterned system contained within its own inner cavities.

Unity without form

dividing personal and non-personal in relationship.

Structural pattern of three brings directives

for divergent sub-systems,

complements balanced in symmetry,

increasing outer boundary, organized

through inner connections.

From afar unity is relative; sort of, kind of like, but maybe not,

or possibly so, nothing seems, absolute, you think?

Construction fails unity

touched by unformed realization

of endless channels in distribution,

converging back to realization of never being less.







                                           025.124 copy.es


                    Between the doing of hand and the knowing of mind is the seeing of eye.



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