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Exploring Images Through Folding Circles

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A few months of no posting brings another direction in exploring the circle. Using images of folded circles that show the structural nature of geometry and combining them with NASA images of the observable universe allows me to image what would otherwise not be possible to see by bringing together vastly differing scales in one frame.

 Over the years I have used photo images of my sculpture collaging them together and with other images giving greater breadth and depth to the ideas that were embodied in the original work. These current images are a continuation of that process.



    01.7dsc01175. 6as             02.727311main heart6s



                          03.cosmic construct1gs

Above: the helix is made into the image of a cosmic flower with the center spiral derived from the same helix image. The second image shows the helix to be a dynamic cosmic force experienceable through local consciousness



Below: is a spiral model with a design printed on the circles. The image has been modified to show a cosmic hot spot that appears to move structurally out forming a galactic cloud. Possibly the cloud is from itself forming a cosmic tendril of local significants. In the lower left is another space-star circle model.


04.dsc00189. bkchgs             




06.img 0946es






Above: this image also uses the space-star model seen imediately above.




  08.dsc00287es         09.wheel2s         



                                  10.bailysbeads3 durman 960s



Above: an image combining two different folded circle spheres gives visualization to the dispersal of regulated energy.




Below: another spiral is in process of gathering cosmic debris and at the same time distributing as it moves both in and out of itself. The tape holding the model together is a nice touch.


                               11.03m74 hst cov3bs          

    12.img 4706es












15.img 7616es    

Above: this single model has taken two different directions in these fanciful treatments suggesting familar life forms.




Below: A 3-D folded circle wall piece showing a variety of spatial layers. In keeping with the layering of the image, Photoshop was the right tool. The second image departs from the textural layering of the first and is pretty straight forward.











Below: an old model is used to show a coming together, a collision or just attraction, of an object to itself where the image of the cosmos has moved to the foreground. The model is from an early exploration of folded circles where bobby pins, vinyl tubing, and string had been attached.






Below: is a model with an open interior space that appears to be a floating cube. This image suggest one possibility where floating is somewhere between gravity and illusion.


21.img 3125s      22.topdown7s







Above: a radiant image derived from the picture of a spherical model.




Below: another image using models, both previously used, where the forms take on some semblance of human consciousness.

 25.7dsc01175. 6as copy     20.dsc00040s       






Below: Two different models spanning 15 years have come together in a computer version of a layered projection through a checkered grid, which in Photoshop indcates an empty or transparent layer.





28.dsc00017s.bw        27.dsc00011es.edt






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